Waste Coal Mine Gas Power Station - Tahmoor

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Tahmoor Waste Coal Mine Gas Power Station

Capacity: 7 MW
Fuel Source: Waste Coal Mine Gas (Methane)
Prime Generators: GE Jenbacher 320 Gas Engines

Tahmoor Power Station is located at Tahmoor Colliery just south of Sydney in the Picton area. The first stage of the power station was completed in 2000 creating capacity of 5 MW. In 2002 a further 2 generating units were added to bring total capacity to 7 MW.

This upgrade was supported by the Australian Greenhouse Office with grants towards the capital expenditure.

The power station uses seven x 1MW spark ignition gas engines in containerised skid mounted modules. The Austrian GE Jenbacher engine was chosen because of its compatibility with the low grade waste coal mine gas at this particular site. The plant uses the waste mine gas directly from the existing coal mine’s extraction plant which receives only minimal treatment  involving compression and cleaning, prior to feeding into the generator.

The electricity generated from Tahmoor is supplied in to the local grid under a long term off take contract. The majority of the electricity produced is used by the mine itself which reduces transmission losses.



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