Waste Coal Mine Gas Power Station - Oaky Creek

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Oaky Creek Waste Coal Mine Gas Power Station

Capacity: 20 MW
Fuel Source: Waste Coal Mine Gas (Methane)
Prime Generators: GE Jenbacher 320 Gas Engines and
GE Jenbacher 620 Gas Engines

Oaky Creek Waste Coal Mine Gas Power Station is located within the Oaky Creek Coal Mine located in the lower Bowen Basin, Queensland. The power station was commissioned in 2006.

The power station was initially designed with ten individual 1MW containerised spark ignition gas generators operating exclusively on waste coal mine gas supplied from Oaky 1 and Oaky North Coal Mines. During the latter stages of construction it was decided to relocate a further two generators from Teralba Power Station and an additional two generators in 2007, bringing capacity to 14MW.

In mid 2009 the Oaky power station was further expanded to take advantage of increased waste gas extraction and greater consistency in quality of gas. Two new Jenbacher 620 gas engines with a nominal output of 3 MW each were installed and commissioned in 4 months bringing total capacity of the power station to 20 MW. This expansion not only provided the mine with greater greenhouse gas abatement capacity but has also resulted in avoided CO2 from offsetting power generated in large scale power station.

The power plant is currently one of the largest waste coal mine gas facilities in Australia.

Waste mine gas is transferred from the mine’s existing gas drainage wells by gas extraction pumps located within the power station compound. Surface laid polyethylene pipelines directly connect the power station to Oaky North and Oaky 1 Mine’s operating surface to both in seam and goaf gas drainage wells. The connection points of the pipelines to the surface well heads are designed to move from time to time as a result of advancing mining operations. The connection points will generally be located in advance of (in seam) and behind (guaf) the current longwall mining operations in both mines.

The power station gas handling system is designed for bypass gas venting in the event that all engines are not operating or there is a trip to the generating facility.

The power station supplies power directly into the mine’s German Creek feeder in close proximity to the Oaky North Substation for transmission to Ergon’s Lilyvale Substation. The power station is electrically isolated from the mine and exports to Country Energy's customers as well as the mine.

Oaky Creek Power Station is estimated to deliver greenhouse gas abatement of up to 2.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent over the current Kyoto period (2008-2012). The Australian Greenhouse Office has supported the development and construction of the project.



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